cumshots and kebab shops

Compassion, cruelty and cold feet... a sour mixture
evidently clear to all that bother to glance.
Broken women and
Bastard men.
daughters with out mothers and government b and b's!
Hail to the job centre,
a hands down successful method of keeping you confused,
and dumb as fuck.
A kind heart can make a day.
A headline can haunt the night.
A women with a mobile phone and an opinion
meets a man with a big heart and a heavy hand,
but who can put a price on love? love?
Empty churches call for funerals,
weddings and fools...
Scented candles give head aches homeless men don't feel.
death, joy, sex, drugs, love, pain,
pride, mistakes, men, women,
children, crime, cumshots, guns,
kebab shops, guilt, faith, the sun,
the moon, the soil, the good days
and the bad...
'in life a man must come to terms with everything
or nothing'.