Caroline has lived with her granny now for 5 years. She left her fathers house because he's a drunk. Once a strong, dedicated navy fellow, he's now a shell of a man entwined in his own uninspiring melancholy. Self absorbed in every way, he's a pitiful and angry man.
The glory days are long gone for him...
Kate moved out at 14. She's always been particular and very sensibly Stern. Though it broke her heart, she willingly left... knew he was no good.

Her granny is a sweet sweet lady with not a bad bone to her withered, shrinking skeleton. She has looked after Katie just as Katie will look after her one day. With love. Porridge in the morning, talks in the afternoon, and meals in the evening. Always a night at grannies finishing with hot chocolate in the living room in front of the box. With an air of true comfort surrounding them that not even glade could replicate, Katie would wonder where her childhood went and why she didn't spend more of it HERE... in this haven of warmth. A place where she could always feel safe, be herself without animosity or fear of judgement. A place and a feeling she will always Cherish.
A place to call home.
Kate didn't know her mother until 19 months ago. She met her for the first time two weeks before Christmas of last year, and didn't receive a gift. Fuck it. Her mother is not worth talking too much about for she was never involved in Katie's life, never has been, and Kate refuses to let her now. This i suppose you could either see as important or totally irrelevant to the girl she is today.
What I will say is that on meeting her, Kate was very interested and intrigued to find out what kind of woman her mother was. Open minded to the idea of getting to know her. All she got from her was Valium. The woman is mental...

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