a girl named Kate

She's blonde. You can see the dark hair underneath slightly spewing from her roots, never more than half an inch but never the less, she is blonde...Looks good for it too. Her name is Caroline Underwood (at this point I should make it clear that only I refer to her as Caroline, possibly her granny would too, but I don't know. She introduces herself as Katie or Kate and this is what she is known as, naturally. Embarrassed of her name saying that only women over forty call them selves Caroline, she's been known as Kate since she was 11. I wonder what she'll do when she's forty?) and Kate is fucking bored. Really FUCKING bored.
Just turned 19.
A petite, young thing. Attractive, but not in the most obvious ways. Little head and big, beautiful eyes. Almost a pointed face altogether, but i may not be describing very well. I've never been too good at this. No. Definately not that rounded sort of face, you know the kind of face that's full of, quite frankly, admirable adoration for everything and anything it see's. She has a very quite serious look to her!
High cheek bones.
Pouting lips that quiver and cower away from most. Although her confidence seems high and she comes across as hard, it is not difficult to spot the farce. She is Beautiful. I think i was right to say almost pointed features.
She lives in a city in the U.K. Which one makes no difference as she wont be there for long, she sighs, "there must be more?!" and she is right. There IS more...

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